First take: Echoes of Bush in Obama’s immigration speech

Echoes of Bush in Obama’s immigration speech

President Obama on Immisgration

First take: Echoes of Bush in Obama’s immigration speech. I listened to the President speech last night because my roommate who is an Arab Immigrant asked me if I had heard anything about it. I told him while I didn’t hear the speech yet I had heard rumors about it for days on the Internet.

That’s one thing about being on the Internet,life starts to seem to happen twice even thrice. My roommate seemed very anxious to hear what the President had to say. So I did what I starting to do best, I looked it up on the internet. There are several different takes one could take on the announcement.

The first is that it was a well crafted move of passive aggression to combat the Republican Midterm victory. He clearly stated this is “NOT AMNESTY”  it is just “NOT DEPORTATION“. A point my room mate brought up was does that mean those who take the deal can’t return home for vacation?

The other thing the President addressed was this was “NOT OPEN BORDERS“. He pointed up how his administration has increase personnel and technology to beef up protection of our Southern Borders. My thought is what about the Northern Borders? With ISIS being the biggest threat to the US it is our Northern Borders that need closer scrutiny. Look at the shooting in their Parliament.

There big thing is that it really did seem like it was a middle of the road approach with a continuation of the policies focused on skills based admittance policy. Which makes sense although it might not be fair. It’s like okay our country is seeking to expand it’s role in the world and we want to have the best players. This means that while many want to come to America, because they don’t have skills the country really doesn’t want you unless you pay TAXES. That’s the bottom, “Don’t commit any more crimes, pay taxes and we’ll let you stay here for a disclosed period of time.”

There was a lot more there that could be pointed out. Like the myth of the immigrants story he told. The core of many people arrival was that of slavery and kidnapping. But that is the subject for another blog.

President Obama Walking Tall


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