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Double Down Wednesday – Paying 50 Cents 2nd Level

To encourage our FTMT members to work with their 2nd level we are paying 50 cents to those 1st level members this Wednesday from their 2nd level lead generating efforts.

As always ( as a F.ree affiliate ) you make 25% on personal production and 25% on your 2nd level production paying up-to $2,000 per membership sold – WE DO THE SELLING FOR YOU IN OUR LIVE TRAINING ROOM. You never need to talk to anyone if you wish!

As you know ( as a F.ree affiliate ) you also make 25 cents for every new affiliate you generate from your personal lead generating efforts. How many money making programs PAY YOU to generate leads for your business?

On Wednesday this week you will also make 50 cents from those leads generated on your 2nd level’s lead generating efforts. You are encouraged to invite your organization into the live training room. Meet your members in the live training room letting our COACHES explain how the Advertising Co-op works by using our Profit Calculator.

Until November we are offering a F.ree Bronze Membership where your organization will receive $100 shares in the Advertising Co-op. When the Advertising Co-op generates a new affiliate – for those in your organization – they make 25 cents and you will make 50 cents this coming Wednesday only.

Yes you are paid to generate leads whether our COACHES make a sale for you or not… WOW – what other money making program offers such a powerful way to make money on AUTOPILOT?

Depending if you have up-graded – you will also make $25 in residual income from those in your organization who have also up-graded  (up-grading is optional ). As you can see it’s important you get your organization into the live training room so our COACHES can work with them to build that monthly residual income – FOR YOU!

Example: If you ONLY had 100 members on your 2nd level – paying you $25 monthly – you would make $2,500 monthly. Now over a period of a few months ( having our Advertising Co-op generating new affiliates for you )  you had 500 members you would make $12,500. Maybe in 12 months or longer – with the help of our COACHES and the Advertising Co-op  – you had 1,000 members your monthly residual income would be $25,000.

Now – as you know –  these earnings are ONLY examples, projections with no guarantees but as you can see the Free Trial Marketing Tools program focuses on building impressive monthly residual income over a period of months and years.

Think of this as your retirement plan where our powerful automated money making system does everything for you – MARKETING – SELLING – CLOSING – building monthly residual income $25 at a time. Does your J.O.B. or financial investments offer a retirement plan of $2,500 – $12,500 – $25,000 per month in 12 to 24 months?

If you have not become a F.ree affiliate go here Create your F.ree account then get into the live training room to take that 10 Day F.ree Trial receiving the F.ree Bronze Membership ( a $250 value ) PLUS receive $100 shares in the Advertising Co-op.

If you are a FTMT AFFILIATE you are welcome to hang out in the live training room all day learning how to make that impressive monthly retirement income having our Advertising Co-op and our COACHES help build your business. Go here to login in

See you inside…


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