Where will you be during Joan Rivers’ funeral? Autopsy Still Inconclusive

joan rivers,
What will Joan Rivers Autopsy Turn Up

Where will you be during Joan Rivers’ funeral? I can remember some of the recent celebrity furnerals that came to mind to me are Whitney Houston and Maya Lou Angelou. I also thought about Nelson Mandela’s funeral.

I can remember that there was big news about them and they had major impact global. But to honest, I don’t remember where I was except for Maya Lou Angelou funeral. I was on the internet marketing my services. I remember because the funeral was streamed live, by USTREAM  Having streaming video changed how the event impacted my life.

According the NY Post Joan Rivers’ funeral will be a red carpet affairGuests at the comedian’s Sunday sendoff in Manhattan will walk a special crimson carpet before paying their final respects to the 81-year-old, Us Weekly reported Friday.
Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/joan-rivers-autopsy-probe-death-continues-nyc-article-1.1929196#ixzz3CX9BdHxB

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